Update: 27/02/15

I’d like to say a huge thank you to everyone that contributed to Ashley Fayth’s crowd funding campaign. A massive £1800 was raised, and the album has now been recorded at Liverpool’s prestigious Parr Street Studios (a studio that has seen everybody from Rhianna to Coldplay make records there) with overdubs being completed at Orchard Studios, Alsager. It’s currently being mixed and edited and as soon as a release date is known, I’ll post one.

However, I’ve also been busy elsewhere – Dominic Dunn & Detail have recorded a new single at the Motor Museum (also in liverpool) and should be mixed and released soon (again, more information to follow).

I’ve had some session work on as well – with an up and coming country artist and with Folk singer Jonathan Coley (recording at Orchard Studios and Pluto Studios, respectively) and as soon as those tracks are available to me, I’ll post them.

Don’t forget, for any live or recording session bookings, don’t hesitate to get in contact – JonFellowesMusic@gmail.com

Thanks to Photography by Mark Carline.

Thanks to Photography by Mark Carline.

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