Update: 30/03/15

I’d like to start by saying thanks to those that have provided (very positive!) feedback about the site. This is all still pretty new to me, but I’m striving to keep all the pages up to date and add as much new content as I can. However, If you have any recommendations, feel free to get in contact.

Some both exciting and poignant developments of late:

Starting positive, after Easter, I will begin teaching at Musicland Music School, Market Drayton (Shropshire, UK). This is a brand new challenge for me, and I cant wait to begin getting involved. Based on site, I will be teaching one on one guitar lessons, and hopefully other courses in a variety of different Musical subjects, to a whole host of different age groups.

My work with production company Stage:Life is picking up pace – they have a new Chester based office which I will be working out of, and some exciting projects in the pipeline which I feel privileged to be involved in.

I’m in an intense run of rehearsals with The One Hit Wonders right now, working on our 2015 song list (which can be viewed here: http://www.thebandeokeband.com/#!bandeokesonglist/c1zz2) in preparation for dates throughout the year.

Ashley Fayth’s Album “Take Back the Fire” (to which I contributed Electric and Acoustic guitars) is now completely recorded and currently being mixed, which I hear is going really well.

And, finally, It is with a heavy heart that I tell you that I will no longer be the bass player for Dominic Dunn and Detail. It’s important for me to say that I didn’t take this decision lightly – I have had some great times and opportunities with the band, and they are all exceptionally talented musicians. However, things run there course and (as explained above) I have some new projects that will take up significant portions of my time, and It would be selfish of me to continue if I didn’t feel I could fully commit. Everyone in the band was very understanding, and I’m glad to go out on a high after our really fun and well received performance closing Threshold Festival, Liverpool last night. I wish them all the best, and every success for the future (they definitely deserve it).

Here’s a nice picture of the original line up of the band, backstage at the VIP area of The Live Rooms, before supporting Louis Barabbas and the Bedlam 6.

Live Rooms VIP

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