Update: 05/08/15

This particular update is being typed from the Stage:Life studio in Tarporley, Cheshire. It’s a really nice, creative space and I’m really enjoying working for the company.

The biggest news I have is that, after careful consideration, I’ve taken up an offer to do more work for Stage:Life in the role of Client Liaison. It’s experience in a very different area of the music industry, but very enjoyable, challenging and I’m meeting some amazing musicians.

That said, I’m still very busy performing and recording!

Obviously, there has been the usual selection of weddings, corporate shows and functions, however, on the 14th of August I’ll be playing a hometown show at the Wolverhampton Slade Rooms with the hard rock band The Devil In Faust. I don’t make it back home to gig much, and I’m really looking forward to playing at the venue I used to go to see some of my favourite bands growing up.

I’ve just completed a session booking for orchard studios (one of my favourite in the North West!) laying down some electric guitar parts on Chris Howarth’s first solo album. I was really happy to be working alongside some of my favourite musicians and producers, and can’t wait to hear the end result.

A while back I also joined Ashley Fayth & The Compass Rose for a video recording of a live rendition of her tune “Don’t Weigh the Anchor” at a venue in Sandbach. The gig was great and i’ll be adding the video to the Youtube Section of this website as soon as it’s completed. I was also very honoured to be asked to join her for her set at Chris Evan’s Car Fest, but regrettably was already booked for the date.

Since I’ve mentioned the website, you may notice a couple of new things! I’ve received some really nice new testimonials from former clients, as well as edited and updated the Biography section. You may also notice the tab marked “Soundcloud”: this is a playlist of songs that I’ve played on (which instrument/part will be listed in the description). At the moment, it’s only 4 songs long, but I’ll be adding and updating it more as other records I’ve played on are finished and released in the coming months.

Hope you enjoy the new features! Don’t forget, for all bookings please contact me at JonFellowesMusic@gmail.com

JF live 2


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